Reducing child malnutrition in Jongowe, North 'A' District, Zanzibar

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project proposal is about reducing child malnutrition in the Shehia of Jongowe in North A district, Zanzibar. Jongowe Development Fund (JDF) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) which hosts the implementation of this project. The main goal of this project is to improve the nutritional status of children of under five years children in the Shehia. Specifically the project aims at reducing malnutrition of under fives years children, building capacities of community members to intervene on nutrition; and create awareness of the community on nutrition issue. Through participatory approach it was identified that malnutrition is a major health and social problem in this Shehia. Various methodologies were used to assess the needs which include interviews, discussion and meetings with different groups of people in the community. Generally there are improvements in nutritional status of children in the Shehia and malnutrition has been reduced due to increased awareness of the community in malnutrition and its consequences. The result of the survey shows that there is reduction in severe malnutrition of children in the Shehia while moderate malnutrition has increased and well nourished children has dropped. This is a three years project which intend to accomplish four major activities amongst which is the sensitization of the community, building the capacities of the CBOs and community, improving the community based information management system (CBIMS) and establish a coordination, monitoring and evaluation system (CMES). By the end of three years it is expected that the community will be able to intervene on nutritional problems and ultimately reducing the problem. (Author abstract)