Performance assessment of group members of Tandale Saccos, Kinondoni Municipal, Dar-es-Salaam

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Southern New Hampshire University
This study with reference to Community based organizations (CBOs) in Tandale Market Traders SACCOS, has an attempt to assess performance of the organizations. SACCOS are community-based organizations, which are voluntary associations where by members regularly making contributions which are pooled together and on which they can obtain loans. They originate from the agricultural cooperative movement in rural areas of Tanzania as a source of soft loans for cash cropping. The objective of SACCOS is to promote savings, provide a source of credit, and provide training opportunities to members on efficient management and use of fund. The main strengths of the SACCOS are i) they provide simple and direct forms of financial intermediations; ii) they promote rural economies; and iii) facilitate support among members. They have been identified as one of the best indigenous vehicles capable of promoting expansion and availability of Micro-finance services in rural areas. For the community based organization lacking management training will lead those groups to fail to achieve sustainability. When CBOs do not have constitutions it means that it will be difficult to do the following: run activities efficiently, understand responsibilities of members, understand the right of members, understand the responsibilities of leaders, ensure transparency, build atmosphere of trust among group members and to have suitable regulations to achieve objectives. Lack of management training of keeping records affects CBOs because there will be no proper information recorded. Also the issue of poor keeping records results to nonpresentation of records to all members. (Author abstract)