Evaluation of a community based solid waste management project in Iringa municipality, Tanzania

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Southern New Hampshire University
The Ilala community based solid waste management project is an income generating activity aiming at collecting, storing, disposing and recycling the solid waste in Ilala ward through Ilala Mazingira Group (ILAMAZIG). The project goal was creation of employment and increase income of low-income households in Iringa municipality by the end of December 2007. Its immediate objective was to improve the livelihood of low-income neighbourhood of Ilala ward in Iringa municipality through sustainable solid waste management by the end of December 2007. This project operationalised the need of Ilala community to improve solid waste management focusing on (i) increased capacity of community based organisation to plan and manage solid waste, (ii) establishment of institutional framework for ILAMAZIG, (iii) enhancement of solid waste collection, storage and disposal system, (iv) recycling solid waste through composting and, (v) establishment of financial management system. The project had provided employment to 45 members of Ilala Mazingira group. The income of garbage collectors had increased from Tshs 2000 in 2005 to Tshs 5000 per month by December 2006. (Author abstract