Social attitudes project

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Southern New Hampshire University
The Social Attitudes Project will address parents’ favorable attitudes towards anti-social behavior by exposing ten parents to professionals in the field of gang prevention and victims aiming to reduce gang involvement. Participants will be selected from the Weed and Seed South Pomona Target Area and have been identified by collaborative partner as a high risk family for gang involvement, anti-social attitudes and behaviors. Weed and Seed is a community-based, multi-agency approach to law enforcement, crime prevention and neighborhood restoration. The project will seek residents within this community, who are affected by low-social economic status and aim to improve their conditions. The Prevention Intervention and Treatment Sub Committee, contracted service providers, and Community Liaison will refer families to the project. The sessions will be held at the Philadelphia Safe Haven. The project will bring experts in the field of gangs, local police, state parole and community based organizations. Parents will have an opportunity to confer with professionals and stakeholders. The project will increase awareness among parents struggling with at risk youth. The project aims to improve quality of life, leading to a safe and healthy community. This will be achieved by increasing awareness and access to community resources. (Author abstract)