Data collection and analysis for the community of South Bethlehem (a Southside Community Organizing Project)

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project, "Data Analysis and Collection/A Southside Community Organizing Project", is a Listening Project designed to organize the community of South Bethlehem by bringing people together in listening focus groups, door-to-door listening surveys, and other types of listening approaches. Listening projects collect data while at the same time mobilizing people to take action with regard to common concerns. The project originally started with the pure idea of collecting unknown data with a more traditional survey method; but as the project evolved and more was learned about the community, the listening project evolved. At this time parts of the project are still in developing stages. It is not a finished project. The main outcomes of this project at present are the proliferation of a number of organizations who are all trying to do something to save the Southside. (Author abstract)