Right Brain Ventures, LLC : creative tools for community businesses

Ladu, Elizabeth
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Southern New Hampshire University
Right Brain Ventures, LLC (RBV) is a for-profit small business technical assistance center, whose mission is to serve arts-based and women-owned businesses in and around Montclair, New Jersey. Montclair has decided to focus on The Arts as a centerpiece of its economic development efforts. Thus, in collaboration with various community groups, RBV's program of advisory services has been designed to be particularly responsive to the needs of visual, fine and performing artists, designers, writers and craftspeople who wish to create or develop businesses based on their art. (However, other businesses with job generation potential are welcome as well, especially women owned businesses.) Right Brain Ventures officially opened its doors in its new home in January 2006 after operating informally since September 2005. As of April 1, 2006 RBV has acquired 7 clients who pay monthly retainer fees for business development consulting services, and 4 clients for whom RBV has executed short term assignments. In addition, RBV has delivered 3 training programs to a total of 22 business owners in Essex County. (Author abstract)