Evaluation of effects of HIV/AIDS on community development : a case study of Levolosi Ward in Arusha Municipality

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project "The study concerns with the evaluation of the effects of HIV/Aids on community development. Using the case study design, the study investigated the spread and prevention of HIV/AIDS, strategies in educating and raising awareness and examining the hardships of day to day livelihood of people living with HIV/AIDS in Levolosi ward within Arusha Municipality. HIV/AIDS is a deadly disease with no cure nor medicine. The disease, is a community based, on social, cultural and economic problem. HIV/AIDS is a national problem and indeed a threat to community development. HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death for economically active segment of the population. Arusha Municipal Council reported its first AIDS patient in 1986 and since then the number of cases has been increasing steadily and for the year 2002 only, the Municipality reported 354 new cases, with a prevalence rate of 17-19%. For 2004 [Jan. - June] the Council reported 224 cases with a prevalence rate of 21%. Levolosi ward alone carried 10.7%. Further, the study aimed at studying day to day hardships for people living with HIV/AIDS in trying to determine the relationship between the disease and poverty. We looked at their daily livelihood and some prospects for future development. Due to the increasing number of orphans, widows, widowers, street children's the study also assesses the interventional role of NGO's, CBO'o and the Municipality in HIV/AIDS prevention initiatives so as to arrest the spread of the pandemic." (Library-derived description)