Establishing community based and managed saving and credit group systems to people living with HIV/AIDS in Marumbo Ward in Kisarawe District

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project is about establishing community managed saving and credit groups system to the people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) for improving the family's income. According to the study findings, most of the PLWHA had improved their health status after receiving home based care services from Jipeni Moyo Women and Community Development Organization (JIMOWACO). 68% of the PLWHA said their health statuses improved and were able to work. For their family livelihood, 50% depended on small business and farming, but the size of these activities are small due to lack of financial capital. The majority (71%) do not have cash savings for expanding their business capital base, hence what they earn, just from hand to mouth. The project was planned to start in six villages of Marumbo Ward in Kisarawe district. The project so far had managed to identify a development partner who is willing to support the training sessions to community saving and credit group members through covering the costs for buying working kits and facilitation expenses. The community mobilization sessions had started whereby the end of January 07, three community interest groups were formed and they were waiting for the training sessions to begin. Home based program programs have proven to support the well being of PLWHAs, but the interventions needs to ensure supporting strategies to improve family livelihood .The increase in family income will have a significant impact on improving the food intake to meet their highly nutrition requirements, which almost doubles with HIV/AIDS and utilization of the antiretroviral drugs. (Author abstract)