Links Amongst Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Internationalization Processes of Emerging Market Multinationals: The Case of Turkish Business Groups.

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Southern New Hampshire University
The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the Emerging Market Manufacturing Business Groups’ innovation processes through their internationalization activities and the interplay between innovation, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability. This study focuses on the business dynamics of manufacturing Turkish Business Groups (TBGs), namely Turkish Holding Companies. It gives a clear illustration of how manufacturing can be innovative, responsible, and sustainable while internationalizing and exceling the firms’ competitive advantage through utilizing both foreign and domestic resources. The study comprises Turkish manufacturing multinationals that operate in the continent of Europe. It examines 15 parent firms and 72 subsidiaries that conduct manufacturing operations in the European countries. The study employs explanatory case study approach. The results demonstrate that manufacturing operations of TBGs can be innovative, social responsible, and environmentally sustainable while internationalizing into advanced countries.