Hillsboro-Deering After-School Program : Kids in Gear Skills Training Program

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Southern New Hampshire University
This report describes a Community Resource Renewal Project for the 35-50 children, staff, community volunteers, and Vision Team of the Hillsboro- Deering After-School Program in Hillsboro, New Hampshire whereby participants have created new salable items which they will sell to donate funds to a philanthropy of their choice and also to work to sustain and develop the After-School Program. Along with organizing the creation of items, I formed community alliances with local businesses which were pre-selected, by the Hillsboro Vision team, and the After-School Program. Participants in the project were provided with various training sessions in different skills, such as creating jewelry, sewing, and cooking. Students met weekly to complete various aspects of the project. The pilot program consisted of six months of preparation, which will culminate in a community sale. The success of the project was and will be evaluated by determining (a) participation and delivery of students, staff, and community members, (b) funds raised for the Program and philanthropy fund, and (c) creation of an alliance between the local business community and the After-School Program. (Author abstract)