Unemployed single parent project

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Southern New Hampshire University
This project was developed to assist unemployed single parents in Bullock County, Union Springs, Alabama to improve their Life Skills and obtain employment. It identified the number of children living in poverty who reside in single parent families and societal problems that these parents exhibit and must overcome before they can complete their primary education and participate in such economic opportunities as employment and Life Skills training. Such mothers often face, for example, problems of poverty, low selfesteem and lack of confidence, isolation and depression, social stigma and lack of social support. It has been shown that when families are stable and parents can provide for their children, then the overall wellness of children living in Union Springs, Bullock County would improve (VOICES, 2010). The project’s main objective was to use the framework of our Head Start program and Family Services workers to bring resources to twenty unemployed single parents during their child’s enrollment in Head Start. So, the children could feel safe and parents could practice healthy life skills to develop their confidence, increase awareness of life skills, and interview skills to gain stability and become economically self-reliant. (Author Abstract)