SNHU Munchiez food truck

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Southern New Hampshire University
Munchiez food truck began as a business plan done by three Southern New Hampshire University undergraduate students for Professor Susan Losapio during the 2014 spring semester. At the end of the semester when the class came to an end, Professor Losapio turned to one of the three students, Victoria Wiseman, in hopes to turn an assignment into a reality. She used that original business plan as the core concentration of her OL317 Small Business Management class. With many months of hard dedicated teamwork, President Leblanc gave the class the go ahead to buy and start the Munchiez food truck. The class broke into five teams: management, finance, sales, marketing and partnerships. This allowed for the class to operate as a small business and for tasks to be completed faster and more accurately. Before the 2014 fall semester came to an end, the truck was purchased. With many thinking that the hardest part was over and done with, the journey was just beginning. When the 2015 spring semester began many students had agreed to take an independent study to continue working on the truck but the size of the “original” Munchiez team was now nearly half of that. With nothing but positive energy and continuous work both in and out of the classroom from the students, Munchiez was no longer a distant dream but a reality. (Author abstract)