Little Big Horn College: Ram Shop

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Southern New Hampshire University
Little Big Horn College proposes to open a student college bookstore on campus, called the "RAM SHOP". The objective of creating this store will be to promote and enable American Indian economic development on the Crow Reservation. This store will be operated by college business students and supervised by LBHC faculty. The LBHC Business Department will coordinate the recruitment, selection and monitoring of the students in conjunction with the student services department. This will be a student developed and managed project. The location of the Ram Shop will be accessible for the students as well as the community. The project will be organized to provide learning materials and services such as photocopying, faxing, development of business cards, letterhead, etc. A variety of snacks will also be made available for the customers. The Ram Shop will meet the needs of the students, faculty, Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) employees, Crow Tribal Administration (CTA) employees and the surrounding community. An economic development conference will take place in conjunction with Little Big Horn College, the Crow Tribal 107 Committee—the tribal economic development committee—and the Theodore and Vivian Johnson Foundation. This will be provided free to the community, and held at the new Crow Tribal Multi-Purpose Building.