Riverdale youth : a guide to youth development

Cox, Deontray
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Southern New Hampshire University
The definition of youth is the early period of anything; well in this case I am speaking about the lives of young people less than the age of nineteen. In today's society, adults are complaining about the behaviors of the youth in their communities. However, most adults are not willing or committed to creating a solution to address the unwanted or disliked negative behaviors exhibited my today's youth. In this particular case, I am speaking of the adult residents from the Village of Riverdale, IL. Over forty percent of the Village population is less than twenty years old, but there are no youth programs to promote youth development. Neither the Park District nor the Village is currently offering any youth programs for the meaningful mental and social devolvement of these young minds. This project will address the needs of the youth of Riverdale. This project will attack the lack of positive role modeling; shed light on social development, by allowing the youth to pair with a group of positive images within their own community. The youth will have youth activities designed to promote self worth and personal growth. This goal will be met with the help and support from the Village of Riverdale and the local Park District. (Author abstract)