Compliance rating : a monitoring and evaluation tool for CARD Bank Inc.

Derequito, Lyneth
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Southern New Hampshire University
Evaluation tool has been a very effective mechanism in assessing performance and creating accountability in any organization. Internal audit rating has been very effective in assessing internal control for the entire CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institution's (CARD MRI) operation. However, for regulated institution like in the case of CARD bank Inc, overall operation is not limited to strong internal control alone. This includes compliance with laws, rules and regulations; information not fully captured by the existing audit rating system. This project is designed as another evaluation tool in assessing CARD Bank Inc's performance giving emphasis on the compliance issues to ensure its sustainability. This project also sought to identify the level of awareness and familiarity on the following: 1) Philippine laws, rules and regulations, 2) Compliance and reportorial reports and requirements and 3) Effect of non-compliance with the laws, rules and regulations for future management plan. As a result, this tool will help increase awareness among staff and will create accountability for better CARD Bank's operation. (Author abstract)