Let's talk about mental health!

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Southern New Hampshire University
In today’s society, mental health is taking a toll on millions of people, yet it is still not a topic we openly discuss with one another. When one has a mental illness, they are often looked down upon by others or themselves because society has made it seem like the illness makes you weaker. We are living in 2021 and yet we still cannot openly discuss what is going on inside of our heads. This narrative needs to change and normalizing the conversation of mental health needs to continue. This paper outlines research on mental health and mental illness in relation to social media. The findings present within this paper showcase the connections made between the three topics as well as how social media can be used positively in regard to mental health. Social media impacts on mental health, the categories of mental illness, as well as educational aspects of social media will be explored further within this paper. In the end, the hope is that promoting mental health and discussing mental illness online will continue to help normalize these topics on social media platforms as a whole. (Author abstract)