The Boston health Community Resource Empowerment Wellness (CREW)

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Southern New Hampshire University
The Men's Health CREW (Community Resource Empowerment Wellness) is a Health based training program that trains and prepares young Black and Latino men to work in the Health care field as health educators. Health CREW members gain certified competencies as community health workers through the Boston Public Health Commissions Community Health Education Center (CHEC), as first aid and CPR responders, and as men's reproductive health educators that would allow the them to work in entry level health positions in health centers and hospitals in Boston. The Health CREW members also receive extensive education in public health topics including men's health, social justice, cultural competency, HIV/AIDS and maternal and child health. The project is broken down into four modules: 1) Personal Development, 2) Core Trainings (example; Outreach Methods and Public Health), 3) Sexual Reproductive Health, Community health Education Certificate, and Medical Terminology, and 4) Job and Community Placement. Most of the funding for the project would come from the City of Boston and small foundations. The Health CREW members are paid a weekly living stipend of $275 in addition to travel passes. The program has developed a detailed evaluation of each module of the program. We performed baseline assessments of each participant's educational strengths and weaknesses prior to the start of the project. We then performed a detailed evaluation of each module of the program in order to identify problems that individual participants might have had as well as assessing the training process itself. (Author abstract)