Assessment of HIV/AIDS intergrated projects supported by Mwanza Outreach Group Mwanza City - Tanzania

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Southern New Hampshire University
The study assessed the impact of income generating projects on the families involved using statistical data. Recommendations were written based on the findings. The study aimed to establish the impacts and sustainability of the projects supported by Community Based Organization known as Mwanza Outreach Group and other stakeholders of the People living with HIV/AIDS through establishment of Income Generating Activities. This is due to the fact that HIV/AIDS epidemic is complex, and thus only a combination of approaches can succeed to reduce its impacts, one of the approaches is through poverty reduction among people living with HIV/AIDS. The assessment results reveals a number of facts regarding the implementation of projects like dairy goat keeping, petty businesses, merry-go-round schemes among the group members and grants mobilization from outside sources. The outcomes of the study culminated an assessment of household income and expenditure, and training PLHAs on how to effectively implement the IGAs. A number of recommendations has been given in this report including the possibility of the CBO phasing out some of the households that seem to be stabilized in terms of income increase and giving support to other new households. This would ensure a wider coverage of support as the number of infected and affected people in the community is increasing and many have no other support. In order to keep the study manageable, the study concentrated on the importance of IGAs to the target group of PLHAs households in the sense of providing better nutrition; direct income increase, expenditure and or savings. The information on the set-ups of the households, gender aspects, food security and nutrition status was set into the contexts. (Author abstract)