Tree Streets property survey

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "Increasing demands on decreasing financial resources, both public and private, are causing non-profit agencies to seriously examine their opportunities and threats in the accomplishment of their goals and objectives like never before. Developing, implementing, and monitoring a strategic plan that leads the agency to the successful completion of their mission has taken on new significance. Fundamental to the completion of the various tasks an agency undertakes, is a complete, flexible, and up to date data base. Information has a short shelf life and the need to update information quickly is becoming increasingly important. The purpose of-this project was to create such a data base. Within the delineated geographical boundaries of the Tree Streets neighborhood, residential properties range from the newly restored to the dilapidated. This neighborhood suffers from the highest crime rate in the City of Nashua, as well as associated problems. Key to the restoration of this entire area is a concerted effort by elected representatives, city officials, residents, and many others who share the common goal of a livable, safe, and healthy urban environment that contributes to the quality of life of the City as a whole.Over the last five years the economic profile of ^Nashua has evolved from a deep recession to modest growth level. This current period of growth may offer opportunities to those who are prepared and vigilant of the possibilities that accompany growth. While many factors contribute to the decision making process to pursue opportunities or to let them pass, being adequately prepared to make informed decisions is critical to this process. It's envisioned this project serve as a useful tool for those charged with these responsibilities." (Library-derived description)