Point Neighborhood Child Care Cooperative

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Southern New Hampshire University
Point Neighborhood Childcare Cooperative an affordable childcare cooperative for the residents of the Point Neighborhood in Salem, MA whereby the targeted local lowincome Latino residents will be primary supervisors of an organization that will also incorporate entrepreneurship training modules that will promote community empowerment. Moreover, this project will intend to democratically offer the members of these programs sole power over their organizations. This will be accomplished by giving them the proper educational and management tools in order to help the Cooperative to enhance and increase its capacity to operate at a larger scale. The cooperative will provide these seven participants the opportunity receive free childcare services (i.e. potential program membership, free childcare services and a safe environment in which children can develop socially). Answering a community need for affordable and accessible childcare, the Cooperative also allow for increased economic stability of the individual residents. Using the help of the local Salem Harbor CDC management workshops, participants will be trained in professional development classes and other job training courses. These Programs will advocate for local participants' professional development. Therefore, the participants will use these training sessions and workshops to increase business management skills and to help them provide perceptual direction for the cooperative. In addition, it will provide adequate services at affordable price. The outcomes of the cooperative will be evaluated by (1) how many of the local 7 initial participants residents take part and continue to use these services; (2) by how many of these participants will complete the entrepreneurship training modules; and (3) how many parents/clients are able to either (a) maintain their employment status, (b) increase their working hours, and/ or (c) obtain employment. (Author abstract)