The introvert, extrovert, and ambivert: mood implications within text messages

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Southern New Hampshire University
This study sought to analyze the correlation of personal traits including introversion, extroversion, and ambiversion and mood on mobile phone usage, concentrating on text messaging. Furthermore, the study examined the relationship between this trait and an inclination towards either talking or texting. After completing personality test, thirty eight participants took the survey about their gender, age, frequent use of text messages, and preference on either talk or texting. Then they were asked to provide their most 10 recent text messages, and indicate when and where they sent the messages. We used Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count categories (Berry, Pennebaker, Mueller, & Hiller, 1997) to rate the positive and negative contents of text messages. Overall, the results did not demonstrate a relationship of personality traits and user's mood. There was a weak correlation of introversion and extroversion towards a preference for talking rather than texting. In contrast to Butt and Phillips's study (2008) extroverted and introverted users preferred talking on the phone while ambiverted users chose texting. Overall, the results contributed to the understanding of personality traits on text messages usage. (Author abstract)