Implementation of ACTAP : Association of Community Technical Assistance Professionals

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project "The dilemma in which the African-American community finds itself today demands a comprehensive and holistic approach in developing strategies and solutions for the creation of healthy, stable and progressive communities. The 30 neighborhoods selected as the Atlanta Empowerment Zone (AEZ) located in Southeast Center City, Atlanta, Georgia is just such a community. The federally funded Atlanta Empowerment Zone initiative presents an opportunity for the City, and its residents, to effect change in the most impoverished areas of the City. The purpose of this Community Economic Development project, was the introduction and implementation of the ssociation of Community Technical Assistance Professionals Inc (ACTAP) to Community Based Organizations (CBO) in Atlanta and throughout the State of Georgia. The implementation of ACTAP a non-profit 501c(3) corporation developed to provide technical assistance to CBO's by utilizing innovative performance incentives, custom designed individual leadership training as well as organizational benefits based on group productivity. A major contributing factor to the development of ACTAP was the stated recognition by CBO leaders (during the development of the empowerment zone application) that the performance capacity exhibited by many groups and individuals is unsatisfactory. ACTAP was created to bridge the gap between AEZ residents access to opportunities to improve individual skills / leadership abilities and raise local organizational efficiency and effectiveness. The National Association of Graduate Entrepreneurs (NAGE) in 1996 changed from its original name to the organization now known as ACTAP. Therefore, in January 1997 ACTAP was going through a period of restructuring. The organizations board of directors was the original four persons named by me, the founder and listed on the Certificate of Incorporation. The organization started as a business club of graduate students at Clark Atlanta University (CAU) located in Atlanta Georgia. NAGE's primary focus at that time was proving graduate business school students interested in entrepreneurship access to minority owned companies where they might get internships. Prior to 1997 there was no operating budget and the one major accomplishment was the organizations kick off program in January 1996. This program brought together approximately 25 business owners, 40 CAU graduate students and local political leaders to generate support and recognize the organization." (Library-derived description)