Microenterprise development: A targeted focus on helping Hispanics achieve higher earning potential through business development

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Southern New Hampshire University
Hispanics in Salt Lake County, Utah represent the second largest demographic however experience greater poverty than do other demographics primarily due to their limited access to resources. With fewer opportunities for employment due to increasing political pressure (i.e. e-verify) many undocumented and mixed status families are struggling to find employment and have a diminished access to the safety net that other poor demographics use. Although microeconomic development (MED) efforts have generally proved to be somewhat ineffective in developed countries due to poor aim/design and a safety net that is generally available to impoverished individuals. The author proposes however that MED can be effective in a developed country for undocumented and mixed –status Hispanics because of their parallel to populations living in the third-world. To operationalize his theory the author proposes a MED project in SLCO, UT for undocumented and mixed-status Hispanics and is able to produce limited results with mixed findings, however is encouraged that continued research will ultimately indicate the validity, efficiency and effectiveness of his theory.(Author abstract)