Capacity building for addressing vulvnerbility issues in HIV/AIDS in intervention in the community : a case/study of Enguserosambu and Orgrsorok villages

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Southern New Hampshire University
The project is about capacity building for addressing vulnerability issues in HIV/AIDS intervention in Enguserosambu and Orgosorok villages. The project has highlighted the important role the community can play on HIV/AIDS along the continuum of community empowerment, awareness, knowledge and skills building. There was growing concern among community members on the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS and possible impact to the community. Methods and tools used in community needs assessment were story telling, observation and interviews using close-ended questionnaire, focus group and case studies. Generalizability of the study were limited because the sample was self selected, it was limited in size, behaviors were self reported, they led to biasness, time, and resource constraint. The project aimed at assisting all age groups in the community who were not infected with HIV/AIDS to avoid infection. The project objective was to improve awareness, knowledge and skills among groups and individuals in order to empower them to respond appropriately to HIV/AIDS, promote acceptability eventually, condom use. The positive outcome of the project was acceptance and increased communication with partners on safer sex through condom use. Many of the older and more influential people in this community still hold traditional views about sex and relation ships. The project frequently faced serious objections especially with campaigns on negative cultural practices that spread HIV. Pear educators had demonstrated that once well trained there was sense of sensitive intervention in Maasai community. The study has shown that there was an element that would facilitate risk reduction. It was thus recommended that future intervention should unique needs of this community into account aimed at reducing spread of the pandemic. (Author abstract)