Reducing and reusing: The difference you can make when you stop supporting fast fashion and start creating

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Southern New Hampshire University
The world is facing a crisis. Global citizens are not considering the consequences of their purchasing and therefore, with each purchase, they are further polluting our land, air, and water. The Penmen Press Party Dress exhibits the need for global change. Like most universities, Southern New Hampshire University is riddled with excess marketing materials from admissions, including printed publications such as the Penmen Press. The potential for the utilization of such materials in the construction of non-conventional material apparel is what encouraged the creation of the Penmen Press Party Dress. The dress construction is the result of an initiative to reduce pollution and the accumulation of waste, and to make the most of the materials that are already present in our everyday life. Various methods such as weaving, fringing, sewing, and folding will be prominent within the design and used to add texture and complexity to the garment. (Author abstract)