"At-risk" tenants organizing/educating project

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Southern New Hampshire University
As stated in the thesis project, "Newport, Rhode Island, a snail city of just under 35,000 population, has a poverty level of 30% and is, in 1989, in jeopardy of losing over 800 subsidized housing units. The costs of housing procurement for the low to moderate income family is significantly out of alignment with income levels for this area, making affordable housing for the effected families a premium item. This potential loss could have devastating results on an island community already experiencing extreme limitations on availability of developable land space. One of the areas of concern, yet not addressed, is the need to provide information and know-how that could be applied to resolving these issues. People have more control over their lives and different aspects of life when they understand the workings of that entity, in this case the relatedness between housing and economic development. Exposure to the idea of alternative solutions to acquiring and maintaining affordable housing is not readily available in a community of this size. Therefore, the frequent response to a housing problem is one of helplessness, the response to lack of sufficient income is to take another job, not, "How can I take control of my housing and financial needs on my own."" (Library-derived description)