G.O.D.S. Place identification project

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Southern New Hampshire University
The need for identification (ID) of some type is crucial these days. ID is needed for opening a bank account, obtaining housing benefits, getting medical care, securing employment and exercising ones voting rights. The primary motivation for undertaking Giving Others Divine Services (G.O.D.S.) Place ID Project is to help those in need obtain ID and help them gain an identity and secure access to basic human needs and essential services. The target community is the homeless, seniors, youth and the needy in Douglas County, Georgia. As a result, of increasing population coinciding with the downturn in the economy, poverty levels have been exploding in the county. This in turn has made it difficult for the target community to obtain an ID. The project aims to increase awareness of the need for ID among the needy and help the participants obtain an ID. The project will secure funds through grants and donations and secure ID’s for 50 to 100 of the most needy in the country and will do this in a manner that ensures the project sustains itself beyond the project duration. By helping the target population put in place documentation and obtain an ID, the project will have a positive and long-lasting effect not only on the participants’ welfare but also on the community. It is critical that a project of this caliber be implemented and funded in order to build a stronger community. (Author abstract)