Behaviour change communication for youth out of school : the case study of Chawakua

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Southern New Hampshire University
This report is about the evaluation of the Behavior Change Communication for the youth of six selected wards of Arusha Region. Chawakua, is an organization conducting the projects against HIV/AIDS. They answered my request to work for them during my studies and asked me to monitor and evaluate one of their projects; The Behavior Change Communication to youth out of school. The project is developed to continue support of a series of reproductive health interventions aimed at improving the quality of care in Arusha District initiated by the Ministry of Health under National Aids Policy and with a methodology proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO). These interventions are to improve the quality of care focused on adaptations in six wards, training providers, and increasing the range of condom use methods offered. Evaluation of the Behavior Change Communication project showed that the interventions improved services but did not increase demand among underserved populations. It is concluded that the intervention's impact would continue to be low unless the project reaches community members and create more demand for services. (Author abstract)