Solid waste management and income generation initiative in Yombo-Vituka Ward, Temeke Municipal, Dar Es Salaam-Tanzania

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Southern New Hampshire University
A solid waste management (SWM) project has been initiated and is currently under implementation in Machimbo and Sigara areas of Vituka Ward in Temeke Municipality by CODIV with the help of the CED program of the SNHU/Open University of Tanzania. CODIV-Concern for Development Initiatives in Vituka Ward, is a community based organization formed by individuals and registered in the year 2002 with a mission to initiate programs that can improve the living standards of people in the area. Improper waste disposal in the area is found to be a major factor in the spread of diseases and environmental degradation and contributes to the poor living standards of inhabitants. This study involves residents and community leaders of Vituka to design and implement a solid waste management project aimed at providing themselves with a clean and safe environment for improved living standard. The implementation of the designed solid waste management project started with an initial financial capital of Tshs 750,000/= and employs up to 35 young men and women, for the time being. Despite the successes in the government policy of involving private sector in solid waste collection and disposal, the study finds that the scheme is facing constraints in its implementation and effectiveness is still very low. Only a portion of the generated solid waste in Dar es Salaam is collected. Non payment of refuse collection user charges is found to be the most serious problem facing all service providers in solid waste management, especially in low-income areas including Sigara and Machimbo. (Author abstract)