Monadnock area transitional shelter

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Southern New Hampshire University
The project created a transitional shelter for the homeless community in the Monadnock Region, housing up to eight residents at any given time. The length of stay varied from 2- 6 months, resulting in 16-48 residents per year. Working with Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter (MATS), residents established a savings account to move along the housing continuum, with the eventual goal of ending with home ownership. Additionally, they received educational assistance, job training and placement services, food assistance programs, and enrollment in home-ownership programs. Once financially stabilized, residents moved from transitional housing to affordable rental housing, with the aim of eventual home ownership. Southwestern Community Services (SCS), in conjunction with the Monadnock Area Housing Coalition, has programs for homeless individuals in nearby Cheshire County. MATS partnered with these organizations, creating a set of support mechanisms and financial growth opportunities for residents. As a result, eligible residents had access to IDA programs (3:1 ratio), a rental guarantee program, a housing security guarantee program, and prevention/intervention programs to prevent future homelessness. Also, MATS provided comprehensive case management, including guidance and support to residents and their families. If eligible, residents received energy and food assistance. Job training and employment services were coordinated with the state of NH. Results were measured by the number of residents sheltered, employment secured and retained, average savings accumulated, and changes in resident's income. (Author abstract)