How social media uses the psychology of persuasion to influence the purchase of beauty products to the young generations

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Southern New Hampshire University
As someone who currently works in the beauty industry and follows the industry intensely. I noticed how much impact persuasive methods have on the young generation of consumers through social media and digital marketing. This was illustrated through the various sources on social media such as influencers, bloggers, celebrities, social media outlets and much more. This thesis sought to determine if these persuasive techniques that brands use to market their products to younger generations are increasing the amount of purchases these consumers make or influence their decisions to purchase beauty products. A survey was conducted through Qualtrics and distributed to the target market, comprised of the Millennial Generation and Generation Z between the ages of 18-40 years old to determine how much of an impact these persuasive methods conducted by the beauty industry has on them overall; as well as to gather demographic information. Results showed that although these methods have a strong impact on the purchasing decisions of young consumers on beauty products many still rely on word of mouth recommendations from trusted friends and family members. (Author abstract)