Improvement of living conditions for secondary school girl students through establishment of hostel in Sengerema township

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Southern New Hampshire University
Tupendane Wanawake Bomani Group (TWB Group) is a registered CBO formed in 1994 by 46 members most of them retired women with objectives of advocating for women rights and improving their income generation activities. Since 1997 girl students studying in Secondary Schools from distant villages started renting rooms for their accommodation. Most of girls were involved in prostitution; others pregnant or married before completing their Secondary School education. TWB Group has been very much concerned with problems which affect girl students in their studies since then. Community needs assessment conducted showed that this is a Sengerema Community problem and there is a need of constructing girls' hostel to alleviate accommodation problem faced by girl students. Survey conducted in 2006 show that members of the community are eager to participate in all stages of project implementation. Financing of the project implementation requires Tshs 94,443,260/= according to the project budget. TWB group and the community are expected to raise Tshs 8,000,000/=from own sources and Tshs 89,683,260/= is expected to be externally sourced through grants and donations. Evaluation will be done in two phases to assess outcomes against original objectives. The first evaluation has been conducted to assess how much the community has been sensitized on girl students' problems face in their studies. The second evaluation shall be conducted after completion of hostel buildings. Impact evaluation will be conducted after one year starting from the day girls' hostel will be opened. (Author abstract)