Regional transportation coordination

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Southern New Hampshire University
The Region 8 Regional Coordination Council (RCC) is being designed to coordinate efforts among transportation programs and providers in the State of New Hampshire. Currently, there are several programs and agencies in the State providing transportation for a myriad of individuals such as seniors and persons with disabilities. However, there certainly remains a considerably large unmet need for individuals requiring such transportation services. The RCC will help develop, implement, and provide guidance to the coordination of shared ride transportation options within Region 8 so that (1) seniors, persons with disabilities and persons of low income can access local and regional transportation services to get to locations within the region and between regions; (2) municipalities, human service agencies and other organizations can purchase such shared ride coordination transportation services for their citizens, clients, and customers. The RCC will also be responsible for recruiting, selecting (with approval from the Statewide Coordination Council) (SCC), guiding, assisting, monitoring, and if necessary replacing the Regional Transportation Coordinator (RTC), an organization which will be responsible for the day-to-day coordination of community transportation in the region. (Author abstract)