Project proposal for constructing a health centre for the Mburahati community at Mburahati ward in Kinondoni municipality

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Southern New Hampshire University
Mburahati Barafu Community Development designed a project of constructing a health centre with the purpose of providing and accessing health services within their locality. Tanzania, like many countries of the developing world, is faced with the challenge of providing adequate health services to all her people. However, available national resources, especially finance, are insufficient to implement this mammoth task. Consequently, under the Health Sector Reforms, the government is working together with a number of other agencies to help realise this goal. Within the Mburahati Ward there is a large population of 21,608 people that at present time do not have access to health services in their locality. Only one government clinic is located near this area but it does not address all the needs for health services which are the rights of Mburahati Barafu community. In order to access these services the community people have to travel more than 10 km. The roads in this area are not well passable thus during the night it is difficult to find transport to access mother and child health services, as a result many expecting women deliver at home or on the way without being attended by health personnel. The Project Objectives are as follows: i. To construct one health centre for the population of Mburahati Barafu Community in Mburahati Ward by 2008. ii. To reduce the barrier of accessing health services by 85% in 2008. ii. To provide improved health services to Mburahati Barafu Community by 85% in 2008. iii. To provide voluntary counseling and test services in the community by 85%in 2008 iv. To improve the quality of life in Mburahati Barafu Community. (Author abstract)