Renascence plan old west end : Detroit / central intersection study

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Southern New Hampshire University
The Toledo Ohio intersection of Detroit Avenue and Central Avenue and the surrounding area are peppered with vacant lots and blighted buildings. This once vital entranceway into the residential community has become an eyesore that only promotes increasing disinvestment and criminal activity. Neighborhood residents wanted to change the perception of the area by hosting a design charrette that would develop landscape, land use and economic development project opportunities. The plan would be used as a tool to direct future investment activities. A three-day charrette inviting the people in the surrounding area was developed with the assistance of community residents and the Urban Affairs Center of the University of Toledo to bring together homeowners, renters, landlords, business owners and city officials. The first evening of the charrette was used to hear more about the issues in the community, learn what residents would like to see happen in the community and their dreams of future possibilities. On the second day, residents began work with planners, architects, and students in three vision teams to translate the information from the previous evening in drawings and detail. The culmination of the event, Sunday evening, the three vision teams presented their ideas back to the community and a sense of consensus was developed. Determining the next steps and establishing a sense of continuity will be important follow-up activities to establish with the community so they understand this is an ongoing endeavor. (Author abstract)