Impact of literacy on children throughout history (1700s-1900s)

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Southern New Hampshire University
The focus of this research project is to examine childhood-based literacy texts and connect them to lessons that children from the time period were taught. Research will include what children were expected to know from each of the time periods that will be examined through this project. The time periods that will be looked at are 1700’s, 1800’s and 1900’s. Each time period chosen will have three different popular literary novels that children were expected to read during their schooling. It will focus on specific characters from each text, quotes from the novels, all intertwined with the research gathered from the time period. The characters will be looked at in depth and analyzed as role models, both positive and negative, for the specific children they were written for. The research is centered around the main questions of what were children taught throughout different time periods and how the focus of the lessons shifted throughout each different time period. It will include a general look at what was going on historically with these children throughout each time that solidify specific themes. These themes are “adventure,” “romance,” and “whimsy,” which are seen throughout each of the chosen novels. Each of these themes will differ throughout each time period but remain very similar to their counterpart texts in each respective time period. (Author abstract)