African community empowerment project

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Southern New Hampshire University
African Community Empowerment (ACE) is a community economic development project for the African immigrant community on Staten Island’s north shore. The project is designed to correct lack of computer literacy, English proficiency, employment skills, and employment opportunity within the community. In depth literature review, surveys and community focus groups were performed in order to better understand the community, the issue and ways to correct them. The project therefore, is introducing a comprehensive CED programs that provide access to computer literacy, English as a second language (ESL), computer recycle and repair, and job skills and readiness. A project logic model and well as activity timelines were designed to facilitate project implementation. The project has applied for grant money, although; not yet approved, received in-kind donations of ten computers, support from community volunteers to provide tutorship and mentorship to students. The project is still looking for a suitable host location or organization. This project if successful could provide enormous benefit to the African community as it becomes savvy computer user with skills needed in order to become gainfully employed. It will also help the community toward self-sufficiency, they city and state to save money as immigrants come off public assistance. (Author Abstract)