Solid waste management and river bank stabilization along Nalung'ombe River in Knondoni Municipality Dar-es-Salaam

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Southern New Hampshire University
This report describes the project about training and implementation of solid waste management and river banks stabilization along Nalung'ombe river in Kinondoni Municipal in Dar es Salaam city. The project was conducted for eighteen months starting September, 2003 to January, 2005. A SWOT analysis and need assessment analysis followed by a community survey were carried out in the project area. The need assessment results identified three main problems: solid waste disposal and seasonal river floods and soil erosion along river banks. A community survey was conducted to establish the level and willingness of community to participate in solid waste management and river bank stabilization in the study area. Three data collection methods were employed these include questionnaire survey, participant observation and documentary review. The study results established that the local community had a low level of awareness on environmental degradation and low willingness to pay for solid waste disposal services. It was recommended that, the Magomeni Development Association (MADEA) management in collaboration with all local government authorities must emphasize on capacity building to these communities in order to improve community participation in environmental management. The implementation of recommendations include; project proposal for funding to support community awareness rising and participation in actual waste disposal exercise. (Author abstract)