ESL/Literacy project in Somerville, MA : Haitian Coalition/Clarendon Hills Activity Center, Somerville, MA

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Southern New Hampshire University
The project is about ESL/Literacy in the Haitian community that live in Somerville. About 3,500 Haitians need ESL/Literacy (Kreyol) to improve their communication skills, and their quality of Life. The project has three objectives such as: attend classes twice a week, train teachers, tutors, volunteers, and graduate one hundred twenty students. These objectives will be implemented during a two-year term. The project is located in Somerville, Ma. The Haitian Coalition, the Board Members, Somerville Tenant Association, Churches, and Haitians providers are the major institutions that involved in the project. The Adult Basic Education, and Cambridge Learning Center are two institutions that have a long history of helping immigrants learn English. Based on their experiences in the area, the project will benefit from their support. The project focuses on low-income immigrants that live in Somerville Public Housing. The implementation of the project will motivate them to go to school to learn English, earn good wages, and communicate better in English. (Author abstract)