Water logging control and sanitation : Magomeni Suna

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Southern New Hampshire University
The tendency of dropping waste and garbage at Mwananyamala and Msimbazi rivers in Dar es Salaam causes overflow of water to Suna community at Magomeni Mapipa every year during the heavy rainfalls. These floods cause a lot of environmental problems including loss of lives, properties and poor sanitation which bring many diseases like malaria, typhoid and cholera. My research Objective is to identify Suna community needs and assess if the community is ready to participate and contribute for development activities in their locality, and provide opportunities to assess a situation and its resources and devise a means of getting project done. Procedure and methods include selection of respondent as representative as possible for the total population in order to produce a miniature cross-section. The selected respondents constitute what is technically called "Sample" and the selection process is called "Sampling technique". The survey so conducted is known as "Sample survey". Likely outcomes include river training and tree planting along river banks to control the continuous overflowing of water and erosion, to get rid of stagnant waters by cleaning drainage systems, sewage system construction, river excavation and reduction of diseases and other losses that are brought by floods, improvement of people's environment, good health maintenance to Suna community and controlled water logging at Suna community environment. (Author abstract)