Establishment of a water supply scheme : a case of Mkudi-Kilimahewa, Nyamanoro Ward, Mwanza City

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Southern New Hampshire University
The Community Based Organization (CBO) involved in this study is called MAENDELEO MKUDI KILIMAHEWA. The CBO was first established in 1999 with members who are residents of Mkudi and Kilimahewa areas in Nyamanoro ward, in Ilemela District, Mwanza City. The group is formed by eight members who have been able to mobilize more than 2000 residents of these areas. Mkudi and Kilimahewa areas are squatter areas located in hilly places in Mwanza City that are inadequately serviced with social services like water, schools, electricity, health facilities, markets. Therefore the main objective of forming this group has been to raise the standard of living of its members through provision of such services to the community like water, health, roads, markets environmental conservation, schools, etc. Due to limited capacity to provide a wide range of services to the Community, the CBO prioritized the problems by ranking water as the major problem facing Mkudi and Kilimahewa residents. Piped water is not provided to the areas by the water Authorities in Mwanza due to geographical and topographical factors of the areas. The CBO members proposed to construct a masonry water tank to the area with the capacity of storing 100m3 litres of water. The project will be one of the sources of generating income to them. User fees will be charged to residents of Mkudi and Kilimahewa. Funding of the project is expected to come from internal and external sources like financial institutions and the government. (Author abstract)