Capacity building for the DAKIKA CBO in order to improve its economic condition

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Southern New Hampshire University
The study focused on a Community Based Organization called DAKIKA. That study was conducted in order to identify the community Based Organization needs and build the capacity of the CBO members in order to improve the economic condition. The main objective of the study was to identify the reasons for low income of the CBO and support the local CBO in order to enhance its economic condition. The Community Needs Assessment was conducted through a survey which took a form of a questionnaire. Focused group discussion was also used to assess the capacities of the CBO. The results portrayed that, the CBO had the following challenges; The CBO was producing little quantities of poor quality medicine because it lacked quality grinding machine. CBO members had low level of education. The CBO failed to purchase materials from community members .This situation affected the income of the community members .It was also realized that, the CBO had no reliable market for its products. The recommendation of the study was to conduct capacity building session for CBO group leaders on marketing techniques and write a proposal for fundraising. The funds that would be collected would be used to purchase one grinding machine, 1000 packages and to facilitate a three months English course training for three CBO leaders. During formative evaluation, it was realized that two objectives had been achieved. The seminar for CBO leaders had been conducted as planned and the proposal for fundraising had been prepared. Findings from summative evaluation portrayed that there were some impacts made by the two objectives that had been achieved. Among others were; record keeping and seeking market outside their area which led to an increased income. (Author abstract)