Wardman Apartments empowerment project : working to unlock the future together

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Southern New Hampshire University
The Wardman Apartments Empowerment Project is a CED project that was designed to increase participation and establish a sense of community amongst residents residing in Wardman Apartments through a holistic community-building approach. Wardman Apartments is an 88-unit subsidized housing development that was purchased by the Urban Edge Housing Corporation in 2000.Prior to 2000, there was an absence of unity in the Wardman Apartments community due to a deliberate lack of services, management disinvestment and a community that felt it had no voice to demand changes. Using the Wardman Apartments Empowerment Project as the catalyst, residents established commonalities, organized a resident association, implemented quality-of-life activities and developed effective means of communication in order to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with Urban Edge and make sustainable changes as to the manner in which services are provided to the community.This project was conducted from September 2001 to April 2003 and is a chronicle of discovery and ofa community working together to find its voice. (Author abstract)