Leadership qualities and characteristics in the Manchester, NH immigrant community

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Southern New Hampshire University
The objective of this study is to understand the immigrant community perception of leadership and its characteristics. We want to know what qualities they would assign to leaders. The study also investigates the community perception of the following leadership characteristics: decisionmaking, associations, perception, and ease of leadership. Decision-making relates to how the decision-making is determined in general by immigrants. For example, if decisions are made with a conscious awareness of how it affects others, if the decisions are made for personal benefit, if decisions are made using a cost benefit analysis, etc. .We analyze associations based on past relationships that influence good leadership in immigrant. Ease of leadership is analyzed by the perceived amount of difficulty associated with leadership. All factors are related to their effect on the immigrant community. There are multiple studies that analyze and interpret leadership factors and qualities among immigrant or minority communities. Leader to Leader discusses whom different families coming from different cultural backgrounds and areas (Leadership, 2005). Another study focused on how cultural factors influence leadership among immigrants and how these characteristics affect operations in their respective organizations (Yun-His, 2011). This study is important in understanding other cultures and their views on leadership. It also allows people to help create better leaders based on the results we may find. (Author abstract)