A project on capacity building in governance and lobbying skills

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Southern New Hampshire University
This paper explores the project about role of governance in enhancing micro-entrepreneurship in Temeke district in Dar es Salaam. This paper is presented in three distinct parts. The first part elaborates the problem assessment process .and identification of the most pressing problems in the area under study. It covers findings of examining identification and verification of constraints which face petty traders in Mbagala, Temeke District. Also it covers the background of the project, host organization, study methodology, analysis , conclusion and recommendations Part two covers the pilot project on capacity building in governance to UWAMAMI members, particularly awareness on by-laws related to their businesses. This part also documents the evaluation and lessons learnt from the pilot project. Part three is about the two-year project on capacity building in governance and lobbying skills. This part covers a full project proposal which was designed by the host organization under the technical assistance from the author. This project was undertaken in Mbagala Ward, Temeke District for a period of six months. The primary contact in the project area include members of "Umoja wa Wauza Matunda na Mitumba (UWAMAMI). UWAMAMI is a community based NGO which was the host of the author of this Paper. Collection of data was basically done through a participatory method by employing Participatory Urban Appraisal (PUA) tools. Three tools included; semi-structured interview, wealth ranking, observation, pair wise ranking and questionnaire. Additionally, secondary sources of information such as literature review was used. The study was complimented by a six (6) months pilot project which aimed at promoting governance and lobbying skills within UWAMAMI and the local government Authority in Mbagala Ward. Both the problem assessment finding and pilot project provided inputs and lessons that were instrumental in designing the a two years project which is presented in part three of this paper. The project has shown that, lack of awareness by-laws and general practices of poor governance at ward level local authority were the major problems to Petty traders in at Mbagala Super kumba Market at Mbagala ward. (Author abstract)