Children born to substance abusing mothers

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Southern New Hampshire University
In our world today, we are facing an increase in mental health awareness. A major topic in this category is babies being born to addicted mothers. Children born to these mothers are entered into this world already needing help. What is important to focus on is whether the baby is born with withdrawal symptoms right away. As well as focusing on what type of environment they will be entered into. Is the mother going to get sober? Is she going to get treatment? As well as, is she addicted to drugs or alcohol. All of these will be examined and related back to how the child is affected mentally, emotionally, and physically. The main focus of this paper is, the life of the children born to mothers who struggle with substance abuse. This project will break down scholarly journals, findings from local counselors in my community, and formulate a way to improve my own community when it comes to helping these mothers and children. By focusing on my local community, I can see how families are affected by substance abuse, and see where our mental health system needs help. (Author abstract)