Integrated Multi Activities in Generating Earnings (IMAGE) project for St. Joseph Health and Orphan Centre

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Southern New Hampshire University
Integrated Multi-Activities in Generating Earnings (IMAGE) for the St. Joseph Health and Orphan Centre is the project that aimed at building and strengthening the resource base of the organization for its sustainability in providing care to the most vulnerable and orphan children. The project was a result of the diagnostic and explorative survey conducted in October 2005 with a focus on what could be the major operational challenges facing St. Joseph Heath and Orphan Centre and its possible interventions. In this survey, inadequacy of financial resources and essential facilities stood out as critical challenges for the centre and the entire organization. In response to those challenges, I M A G E project was designed with different initiatives endeavored to develop the necessary capacity for the centre to play its service delivery role smoothly. These initiatives were planned in form of social enterprises and resource mobilization initiatives integrated in a diversified way to tap every possible source of income and resources from within and outside of the organization. The social enterprises were designed in a way that they did not infringe the purpose of the organization. They operated on cost recovery basis and the organization recognized earnings from the cost savings and surplus generated. The project was implemented and had brought significant contribution toward the development of the centre and service delivery to the needy children. There is significant increase in capital investments that have curbed the inadequacy challenge of necessary facilities. The merchandise store had played a major role in building confidence to the centre in operating IGAs. (Author abstract)