Cyberbullying: what can we do about it?

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Southern New Hampshire University
Cyberbullying is one of America’s largest issues today, although it is often overlooked. The effects that cyberbullying has on today’s youth can be more harmful, in many ways, than the effects of physical bullying. Because of the spread and growth of technology, it is easier for today’s youth to hide behind the mask of a computer screen and harm others. Cyberbullying has led to countless suicides, depression, and other disorders throughout the past ten years. The cruel words can stay with victims longer because they are able to read them over and over again, and the bullying is becoming harder to escape. Today, verbal bullying does not end when students walk away from each other after school; it continues into the home, via computers, cell phones, or other electronic devices. A study done at Pembroke Academy explains how 72 students were anonymously surveyed about cyberbullying. Furthermore, an interview with Nicole Moore, a guidance counselor in Virginia, helps to bring cyberbullying into the light regarding the elementary school population. In this paper, solutions to cyberbullying are identified and explained. Solutions begin right from the home, and continue onto school grounds. It is more important than ever before that parents and educators be involved in their child’s life, because they may just save their child’s life. My research project specifically examines how cyberbullying is affecting our local community to argue that we need to take preventative measures as soon as possible. (Author abstract)