Jersey City fair housing campaign

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Southern New Hampshire University
Inclusionary zoning is a tool used by municipalities to link the production of affordable housing to new market rate construction. It is implemented to preserve and promote the affordability of local housing stock for low and moderate income residents. Jersey City does not have an inclusionary zoning ordinance, although it is obligated by the State of New Jersey to provide its "fair share" of affordable housing under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) of 1985. This program describes the design and implementation of a Coalition-led campaign for the adoption of inclusionary zoning in Jersey City. The Jersey City Affordable Housing Coalition drafted and proposed an inclusionary zoning ordinance as a means to address the growing need for affordable housing. The success of this program was evaluated by determining if: (a) inclusionary zoning was adopted by the City Council; (b) the ordinance addressed the housing needs of Jersey City residents; (c) there was a significant level of citizen participation in the process. (Author abstract)