Employing youth camps to address HIV/AIDS issues : a case study of Mikumi Youth Care

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Southern New Hampshire University
Mzimuni ward is one of the twenty seven wards that constitute Kinondoni Municipality in Dar Es Salaam. It covers an area of 1.25 square kilometers with the population of 25,283 people 12,710 being males and 12,573 females. Mzimuni community is facing high spread of HIV/AIDS among Youth. In order to solve this problem, Mzimuni community decided to implement a project that will target Youth. There are thirty five Youth Camps found in Mzimuni ward alone. It is by conducting training targeting these Youth Camps that many Youth will receive HIV/AIDS informations. The goal of the project was to have all Mzimuni ward Youth imparted with HIV/AIDS prevention knowledge, while the specific objective was to train thirty five Youth Camps there by reaching over four hundred Youth. This project targeted thirty five Youth Camps found in Mzimuni ward. The aim was to provide health education about HIV/AIDS that will assist Youth change their sexual behaviour to prevent high spread of HIV / AIDS. Ten training sessions were conducted involving Youth from all thirty five Youth Camps. The project received full participation from Mzimuni community as well as Youth themselves. Training Youth is important as it bridges knowledge gaps and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS. The study recommends on the government and other NGO and CBO dealing with HIV/AIDS to target Youth in their respective interventions in order to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS infections among Youth. Youth Camps is one of the unexplored avenues for disseminating HIV/AIDS information's to youth. (Author abstract)